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    Our section of the 911 Mobile guide is here to provide you with the latest emergency information and contacts to assist you in ANY area should that time ever come for you, a love one or friend.


    No matter what it is, need a up lifting articles or videos, having issues with, education, dating, weight, child abuse, sex abuse, drug abuse and spousal abuse (yes you men can speak out anonymously too). It goes without saying,medical and life or death, help as well.


    I may not have mentioned a category yet, but we will cover that too. Maybe you have used 911 in the past. Had personal experience with it?


    We want to talk to you. If you have ever had a time of need, and an agency or person came to your aide, let us know.


    Maybe you want to learn more about a person or agency that can provide help,
    let us know. Maybe there was a bad experience and you want our readers to be aware, let us know.



    Each month we will have a feature article about you or an agency that can or has provided ultimate assistance that our readers should know about. Contact the Hot Spots Mobile Guide so that we could possibly feature your story. You never know, you just might help
    someone or save a life. Samatra D Taylor  Contributing Editor



     911 History

    The number, or symbol, and/or
    call characters for help.
    Just what is 911?


    Let’s take a more in depth look at 911,
    what it means and a few fun facts.
    Unless you’ve been living on the moon,
    the first thing that may come to mind is
    the tragic day of the New York,
    VA and DC terrorist attacks.
    In this case 911 signifies the
    date of September 11th.

    To some the 911 Carrera Porche vehicle
    might come to mind. A sleek, sporty vehicle
    that could set you back upwards of 80,000.00.


    Classy, smart-looking, yet not for the
    faint at heart, this was one of those
    times 911 Porche vehicle could bring
    you speeding tickets and some fun.


    Buckle up if you already purchase one,
    we don’t want you to have to call 911. 


    The year 911 (CMX) is also a common
    year starting on Tuesday on the
    Julian calendar. To most of us 911 is just
    that, - 911. Did you know that 112 is also
    the call, sign/number for?

    “Emergency Services Phone number”.
    911 - Universal to North America,
    which is mainly the United States and Canada.


    112 is standard across EU and many
    other countries worldwide.


    Simply put, a 3 digit code that links
    the caller/victim to the responder/agent
    that can provide or assist in providing
    the type of aid the caller needs.
    Believe it or not, it actually gets more
    technical than that.
    Originated in the United Kingdom in 1937,
    it’s a free of charge service
    provided to all who need it.

    The first 911 system was installed
    in Haleyville Alabama in February 1968
    and spread from there.
    The Wireless and Communication
    Act of 1999 mandated the use of E911,
    (Enhanced 911), according to Wikipedia
    for the use of landlines and cell phones.
    With todays’ technology, typically the
    receiver of the call can approximately,
    and sometimes, pin point your location,
    providing you with help in minutes of the call.

    Did you know that the internet can also
    provide 911 emergency help?
    The call most likely is recorded but
    privately held unless requested
    or required by some government
    and non-government agencies for
    later investigation.
    All this to say, that using 911
    should not be taken lightly.
    A life as well as time management could
    be costly. Now that we have a basic
    grasps of 911 and what it means and
    can do for you, if there ever comes a
    time when you need it, you can rest
    assured that it’s there for you.
    Samatra D Taylor – Contributing Editor