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    Fiction novel now available as an ebook for Kindle and in paperback from

    Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the AuthorHouse Bookstore


    WASHINGTON (June 9, 2014) – “Date with Destiny,” a new book from first-time novelist Butterfly Brown and publisher AuthorHouse, was released this week and is available in bookstores, from Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. The book tells the fateful story of Destiny Hodgkin, the daughter of a high-powered New York real estate mogul and heir to his multimillion-dollar fortune.


    Destiny has everything: a successful career, handsome husband, luxury cars, and a shoe collection any woman would envy. Despite these luxuries, she spends most of her days longing for more – more excitement, intrigue, and passion. A hapless event puts Destiny’s life on an unexpected path when she mysteriously wakes in a hospital thousands of miles from home. Her life is turned upside down and an adventure begins as she finds her way home and uncovers the treachery of friends and family that changes her forever.


    “I was inspired to write this book after needing an escape from the humdrum routine of my own life,” said the book’s author who uses the alias Butterfly Brown. “I wanted to create characters with influence and a story that would leave readers in suspense.”


    The alias Butterfly Brown was inspired by the author’s close friend, Zoelin Brown, who passed away in 2013 from cancer. The book is dedicated to Zoelin and ten percent of the sales proceeds will be donated to support research to find a cure.


    The paperback edition of “Date with Destiny” can be purchased from Amazon for $15.50, from Barnes & Noble for $16.28, and from the AuthorHouse Bookstore for $16.95. The Kindle edition can be downloaded for $5.99. Review copies are available upon request from the AuthorHouse Promotional Services Department (1-888-728-8467).


    All interview requests for Butterfly Brown should be submitted to Arron Neal at 213-568-3334 or arron@arprla.com.


    About Butterfly Brown

    Butterfly Brown is a journalist, poet and writer of short stories. Her most recent work can be found in the urban Maryland-based magazine Hot Spots, for which she serves as a contributing editor and columnist. To learn more about Butterfly Brown and “Date with Destiny,” visit http://butterflybrown.com. Follow Butterfly Brown on Twitter @1ButterflyBrown.

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