The Science of getting your Hair in Balance

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    1) Understanding the Science of balancing your Hair.

    2) How to balance your hair?

    3) Getting your hair in balance with Leima Products.

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    We all have to wash our hair sooner or later. We would love to think we know exactly how to do it properly. We have been doing it by ourselves for years now. Do you know how to properly wash your hair to get the most out of Leima shampoo and conditioner?  These few easy steps will help you on your journey to healthier hair!

    1. Detangle before showering

    Use a wide tooth comb to fully detangle your hair before washing.  If you find it’s hard to get the tangles out, try using a Leima spray on conditioner or Leima detangling spray.

    2. Wet hair with warm water

    You don’t want your water too cold or even too hot. A warm rinse on your hair will help to remove some debris and open your cuticle shaft up without drying it out.

    3. How to Wash Long Dry Hair

    If you have longer or dry hair try Leima conditioner first.  Work the conditioner into the ends of your hair allowing the moisture to fill any of the holes that may be present in the cuticle.  This will help prevent from drying it out further.  Once your ends are coated in Leima conditioner, wash your scalp with Leima high quality shampoo and rinse.

     4. Shampoo

    Make sure your hair is thoroughly wet.  Massage the Leima shampoo into your scalp. Once your scalp is covered, slowly work the lather down to the ends of your hair.  Always remember to be gentle!  Too much friction can cause damage to the cuticle of the hair.  Do not use a circular motion because this will only cause the hair to tangle.

    5.  Rinse and Repeat?

    The only time you need to rinse and repeat is if your hair is extra dirty.  If you have product buildup, use Leima clarifying shampoo followed by Lemia moisturizing shampoo.  If you are using a medicated shampoo in conjunction with Leima shampoo, use the medicated one first.  Repeating will only strip the natural oils from your hair and scalp.

    6. Condition

    Always make sure you are conditioning with Leima!  So many people neglect to do this and then wonder why their hair is breaking.  Once you rinse Leima shampoo out, squeeze hair gently to discard some of the water left. You want your hair wet but not soaked.

    Avoid putting conditioner directly on your scalp. Your natural oils will take care of the newest hair growth.  Apply Leima conditioner about midway down your hair.  The longer the conditioner absorbs into your hair, the better. Leima Leave conditioner on your hair for 3 – 5 minutes before rinsing out.  If your hair is really dry, you can also add a little Leima oil to Leima conditioner for extra moisture.

    7. Cold Water Rinse

    I know, that’s going to be cold!  The cold water rinse will seal up hair cuticles, adding extra shine and reducing frizz.